GROUP RATES (for people renting equipment*)

10 or less = $45 / person
11 – 19 people = $40 / person
20 or more = $35 / person

*Each person renting equipment will receive the following:
1. Field Fee entry
2. Semi-Automatic paintball gun (Tippmann Rental Guns)
3. Paintball Mask
4. All Day CO2 Fills
5. Barrel Cover
6. One bag of 500 Paintballs *(new for 2012 you now get 500 rounds instead of 200!)

**Groups over 16 people will have a FULL PAYMENT PER PERSON NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT one week in advance of scheduled event. Your paid advance purchase private game at Firemark Paintball is the same as buying a ticket to a concert or sporting event. If you do not use it, no credit, refund, exchange, or other compensation will be paid for persons not present at the date and time of the private group.


500 balls = $25.00
2000 balls = $65.00

FIELD PAINT ONLY!! Only paintballs purchased from the registration desk, on the day of play, may be used at Firemark Paintball facility.