Firemark Paintball is 5.5 miles South of Fisher on 600E road, or 3 miles North of Interstate 74 on Prairieview Road. (About 12 miles Northwest of Champaign-Urbana).


From I-74, turn off onto Prairieview Road. At the stop sign take a right (going North). 

Follow Prairieview Road past Lake of the Woods Apartments (on the left) and Candlewood Trailer Court (on the right), until you come to 600E (this road should be a left hand turn, going North), a sign saying NOTICE paintball with a arrow, should be at this corner.

 Go 1 mile and you should come to a T-road. Take a right hand turn, a second sign saying 'NOTICE Paintball' should be at this T-road. Go to the next road that turns left, (should be about a 1/4 of a mile). 

A third sign saying 'NOTICE Paintball' should be posted on the 600E post sign. You should now be going North. Go about 1/2 mile down the hill across the bridge and on the left hand side will be the Firemark Paintball banner in front of a yellow horse barn.

 Parking is North of the barn and everyone walks down the drive way to the registration area.

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Field Address:

2453 County Road,600 E

Dewey, IL 61840